The Region's Premier Sleep Diagnostic and Treatment Center

Are you tired of being tired? There's a regional clinic in Fargo where the sole focus is helping you sleep well. The North Dakota Center for Sleep is an all-inclusive sleep center staffed with experts who diagnose and treat sleep disorders. Accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the Fargo team is led by our board certified sleep physician and other medical professionals who are registered in polysomnography, respiratory therapy and nursing. All have invested their professional careers in helping people identify and overcome sleep disorders.

Rest assured, there is help. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our physician. Your first step to a good night's rest.

Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

  1. Do you snore?
  2. Are you excessively tired during the day?
  3. Have you been told you stop breathing during sleep?
  4. Do you have a history of hypertension (high blood pressure)?
  5. Is your neck size more than 17" (male) or more than 16" (female)?

If you answered yes, to one or more of these questions, you may be at risk for sleep apnea. Call for a consultation today. 701-356-3000 or toll free 877-757-2796

"It has been a very interesting and very helpful experience. The staff has been wonderful in helping with all the adjustments. I certainly have a lot more energy after a good night's sleep." - Gerald


Fargo-Moorhead Chamber American Academy of Sleep Medicine National Sleep Foundation